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Starnmeerdijk 6, Starnmeer, The Netherlands, Netherlands

Starnmeerdijk 6, Starnmeer, The Netherlands, Netherlands

Depends on project.

Application deadline:

10th October 2016

Open call for writers, artists and designers to apply for the residency urban life & rural retreat countryside-city life.

This residency is the perfect Dutch retreat. It's a sandwich of vibrant Amsterdam citylife with a production period in the middle of one month at Buitenwerkplaats, surrounded by typical Dutch landscape. Amsterdam is a metropolitan area that (in a way) reflects the complexity of today's world. Here, we all accept a certain level of chaos in traffic, in public and social space. In return the city offers us all kind of possibilities and facilities which makes it exciting and fun to explore. There are so many activities to choose from on any given time, so many people to meet, so many beautiful things to see, so many parties to be feasted, so much knowledge to obtain… it’s great!

Sometimes though, you wish to escape from all the fashionable people and the hectic life. You want to enjoy the quietness and more simple life-style in a rural setting. Although Buitenwerkplaats is only a 30 minutes drive away from Amsterdam, its atmosphere is quiet different. Not many facilities or excitement around, but merely Dutch emptiness; flat, man-made agricultural land, producing cheese. The nature is not particularly wild, but the straightforward style of farmers is comforting, and above all: the wide horizons. This house at the countryside has some earth to dig into, a vegetable garden and animals to take care of and an orchard that gives fruit.

Buitenwerkplaats invites you to enjoy both the rural estate and the stay in the city, for it is the combination of the two places we think can be productive in a professional retreat.

If you need a countryside-city life break in your career or oeuvre, we invite you to apply to this residency in which you will enjoy both: There is a two-week start in Amsterdam, where you stay in an apartment near the city-center. You can visit the museums in Amsterdam and meet the people you know or need to do business with. (galleries, universities, publishers, colleagues).

After this introduction you will stay and work at the Artist in Residency apartment at Buitenwerkplaats for 4 weeks. It is a place in splendid isolation, not much distraction around. Great views, chickens and quietness. There is only one AIR apartment, but there are several other buildings at Buitenwerkplaats. In the daytime others wil also be seeking some peace to work, to write, to talk, brainstorm etc.; see

Before you go home, there is another two weeks in Amsterdam in which you present your work and meet with other professionals and friends to discuss it. We can offer our shop window as a medium, but any type of presentation or reflection that fits your work can be applied.

Costs of living: €1200 for the whole period, no food included.

Unfortunately, we have no funds available for these residencies, other than a €600 euro budget for the presentation of your project (prints, advertising etc.)

LAST MINUTE DEAL 33% OFF! starting in Amsterdam: wk 44, please write your proposal with your cv & work before 10 October 2016 to:

Starting in Amsterdam: wk 48 or 52, write your proposal with your cv and work before 10 November 2016 to:

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