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Arquetopia Foundation and International Artist Residency (self-directed)

Avenida 15 Poniente 715 Centro Histórico Puebla, Puebla 72000 MEXICO, Mexico

Avenida 15 Poniente 715 Centro Histórico Puebla, Puebla 72000 MEXICO, Mexico

4 to 12 weeks

Application deadline:

2nd April, 2017


The Art Production, Design Production, or Photography Production Residency is a self-directed, non-instructional residency in which residents work independently in our on-site spaces.

Our Artist-in- Residence Programs offer competitive professional opportunities for emerging and mid-career, national and international artists, designers, curators, art historians, art educators, journalists, writers, and cultural researchers age 25 and over. Our programs are based on a non-exploitative model promoting 
social consciousness. Residents are strongly encouraged to explore various ways of cultural exchange as part of their artistic and/or research goals and to actively engage in critical discussions as part of their residency experience. Understanding Mexico’s context, and specifically Puebla and Oaxaca’s cultural complexity, is key for a successful cultural exchange. We welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds and disciplines who are interested in creating work or inspired by art, elements, techniques or processes specific to Mexico and/or unique to Puebla or Oaxaca.

Arquetopia is distinguished worldwide for its array of unique residency programs with substantial content. In contrast to various property rental schemes, tourist resorts, B&B’s, and sublets elsewhere, our residency spaces function exclusively for productive art professionals, writers, and researchers and include structured, informative programs; a network of collaborative workspaces, institutions, and studios; and individualized project support.


Staff Support:

 Each resident meets weekly with our staff for individualized research assistance/resources, project guidance, and critiques

 Our residencies are process-based; residents are not expected to give talks, exhibitions, or workshops

Accommodation and Meals:

 Furnished, private bedroom

 Meals and 24-hour access to the kitchen and dining room

 Wireless Internet

 Use of Arquetopia's residency spaces including 4th-floor lounge and outdoor terraces

 Shared bathrooms with modern fixtures and showers

 Housekeeping

Studio Workspace:

 24-hour access to large and bright, shared art studio with generous natural light

 Personal workspace with large table and wall space

 Some tools provided

 Equipped darkroom provided for photographers

 For self-directed residencies, artists bring their own materials and supplies or obtain them locally


Term Length: 4 to 12 weeks during Winter/Spring 2017. Applicants nominate their own range of dates.

Fee: USD $495 per week. APT artists receive a 15% reduction off this fee.

Payment Deadlines:

Option 1: Deposit of 20% of Residency Fee due within 2 weeks of selection. Balance of Residency Fee due by 60 days prior to residency start date.

Option 2: Deposit of 10% (or USD $200, whichever is greater) of Residency Fee due within 2 weeks of selection. Balance of Residency Fee due by 90 days prior to residency start date.

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