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La Embajada

La Embajada, Santa María la Ribera, Mexico City, Mexico

La Embajada, Santa María la Ribera, Mexico City, Mexico

1 - 4 weeks (ask for long-term residencies)

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La Embajada is an autonomous artistic project, interested in action research and collaborative structures generated within the process of experimentation and production of site-specific and Investigative work. The residency delves into matters related to nationality, territory, identity and economy, in the midst of the current crisis of representation.

La Embajada is based in the Colonia Santa Maria la Ribera, a small town in the Cuauhtémoc Borough of Mexico City, just west of the Historic Center. It was established in the late 19th century on lands acquired by the Flores family. The first houses of the subdivision were constructed along the Ribera de San Cosme for the affluent who wanted homes outside of the city limits.

During the last years of the Porfiriato (Historic era from 1876 to 1911 when military leader and liberal politician Porfirio Díaz held power as president of Mexico) Santa Maria la Ribera underwent many unwanted transformations, driving the wealthy away and opening the path for the construction of affordable housing. 

Today, Colonia Santa Maria la Ribera is home to a diverse artistic community, surrounded by alternative and independent art spaces, cultural centres, commercial galleries, libraries (Vasconcelos Library), museums (UNAM Geology Museum, Chopo University Museum, El Eco Experimental Museum), colonial houses, murals, a park with its emblematic Moorish Kiosk (symbol of the town's identity, casted in Pittsburg and built in the late 19th century by José Ramón Ibarrola to be the Mexico Pavilion at the World’s Fair of 1886 in New Orleans and of the Saint Louis Exposition of 1902); as well as cantinas, markets, and easy access to all sorts of public and private transportation (Suburban Train, Metro, Metrobus, Bus, Taxi). 

Artist Profile: La Embajada seeks to collaborate with anyone who’s interest focuses on Art regardless of age, gender, nationality or place of residence, to work for a 1 to 4 weeks residency period, elaborating site-specific and investigative work in Mexico City. 

*Applicants are encouraged to seek support from relevant institutions in their country or abroad to cover the costs of residence. La Embajada agrees to make available, upon request, an invitation letter and any additional information needed when applying for grants. 

Program Offer: Our goal is to provide a platform for anyone who’s interested in carrying out their investigative or site-specific projects within the context of a specific community of local networking. For this purpose, La Embajada will punctually provide in accordance to the needs and specifications of each resident, full personal assistance in any area of documentation, production, or investigation of a specific project.

Artist Requirements: Solicit the application form at: (please mention your affiliation with APT on your application).

APT Artist Privileges: APT Special Offer 10% discount, plus guaranteed inclusion into the Intensive Research and Production Residency Program (does not include transportation expenses to and from the residency location). 

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