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215 Monterrey Av., Roma neighborhood, 06300, CDMX, Mexico

215 Monterrey Av., Roma neighborhood, 06300, CDMX, Mexico

4 - 6 weeks

Application deadline:

31st August 2016

CENTRO ADM-PIRA is a non-profit space based in Mexico City, dedicated to promoting education, research, and production in photography, contemporary art, new media, and design. One of our main goals is the education and interchange between different fields, as well as the collaboration of artists from around the globe.

As part of the Bureau of Cultural Activities of ADM, PIRA (International Program of Artistic Residencies) is the subdivision dedicated to promoting the exchange of artists and institutions around the world. PIRA offers two International Art Residencies for production, research and promotion in México City during Autumn and Winter for the 2016/2017 period, each one with a duration of 4-8 weeks. The fields of the residency are visual arts, sound art and new media.

To apply:  

· Application form (available on

· Portfolio with 15 - 20 images, with descriptions of the works if necessary

· CV and short Bio

· Links to works of video or sound art, if applicable

· Paypal invoice of the application fee (special offer for APT members: 20 USD)

 Expectations of the artist in the institution (the artist could choose one or more of these options):

· Presentation or public lecture

· Leading Workshop or Class

· Exhibition

· Donation of an Artwork

APT Artist Privileges:

PIRA - ADM will offer a special rate of 20 USD for APT artists who wish to apply for the open call from September until November 2016. This residency will host the artist for the first period of 2017. 

For the Permanent Application (2 month studio stay during the year), the special discount will be 20% off our current rates (800 USD for Latinamerican and Emergent countries artists, 1100 USD for European, Northamerican and Southest Asian artists).

A special Open Call will be open and exclusive to APT artists during January 2017. PIRA ADM will be hosting the artist for a 1 month stay during April - June 2017, to be announced in Spring. The application fee is 25 USD.

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