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La Ira de Dios (LID)

Aguirre 1029, CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Aguirre 1029, CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

One month

Application deadline:

18th of July 2016

La Ira de Dios (LID), an artist-run space based in the center of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is hosting an interdisciplinary artists in residence program in November, 2016. The focus of this residency is visual art with a focus on new media, photography, mixed media and installations. The program is structured to create a space of creative exchange amongst a community of international and local artists.

LID is located in the Villa Crespo neighborhood at the heart of Argentina’s dynamic contemporary art scene. Bordered by the Palermo neighborhood, Villa Crespo is the nexus of Buenos Aires art activity, situating LID in the midst of a high concentration of galleries and artists studios.

For this specific edition, the curator, Juliana Gontijo, proposes an immersion in future narratives, the starting point of it being a reflection and an experimental exploration of the transformations of a big city like Buenos Aires. Its peculiarities as a Latin American capital are combined, between similarities and ambiguities, with the general characteristic of a 21st century metropolis, with its accumulation of glossy advertising images, its architectural standardization and the contrast existing with the ethnic and cultural minorities fighting to protect themselves, the generalised privatization of public spaces and the new space experience gathered from satellite maps we read on the screens of our smartphones.

How does an artist respond, build their fiction and materialise their evidence emerging from these mutations, develop their projected criticisms as well as proposing new forms and models of experience and coexistence? In an attempt to answer these questions, amongst others, there will be weekly discussions regarding technological developments, changes in architecture and urbanism, the Anthropocene’s conjunctures, stretching the social fabric, etc. This approach aims to understand the fragments of the city visible through prospective walks that complement the program, stimulate discussion and collective work, and to propose a final presentation of the residents, open to the collective process of discovery and creation.


-Studio space

-Basic Materials

-Internet connection

-Input and support from our directors, curator and workshop leaders

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

This residency is open to emerging and established artists from a range of disciplines. However, spaces are limited as the selection process will be competitive in order to ensure quality, innovation and a strong commitment to the practical and creative objectives of this residency. For artists applying for grants and scholarships in their home country, LID can provide official documents and letters of invitation.


The artists will be staying in local artists apartments where they will have private rooms. The apartments are located  close to the LID warehouse.

Studio/ workspace

In order to expand our initiative to be a site for dynamic exchange, artistic practice and innovations in media, LID opened a 500 square meter warehouse with studios and exhibition space. Through lectures, workshops, performances, and our residency programs, LID continues to emerge as one of the leading spaces in Latin America for the diffusion and production of contemporary photography, installations and new media. The studios in our warehouse host temporary and visiting artists, fostering a vibrant and collaborative community of artists.

Cost of residency

Regular fee USD 900, special discount for APT members $750 USD

Expectations towards the artist

This four week intensive residency will accept a selected group of artists who will partake in weekly workshops as they immerse themselves in new or ongoing projects. The underlying objective tying together the artists we seek to engage is a motivation to explore the limits of contemporary format, research, process and material. The residency will culminate in a group exhibition in LID’s warehouse where our studios and new exhibition space are located.

Collectors and curators will be in attendance at the final exhibition, creating a platform for the selected artists to sell the work they produce and to potentially establish professional opportunities that can extend beyond their residency at LID. In addition to the group exhibition, the work generated during the residency will be disseminated throughout LID's online presence. The residency aims to stimulate cross cultural discourse that will creatively invigorate both LID as an art space and the group of artists chosen to partake in the program.

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