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Space 118

118, Wadi Bunder Road, Mazagaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

118, Wadi Bunder Road, Mazagaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

1-2 months

Application deadline:

Apply 3 - 6 months in advance

Space118 provides four studios on a short-term basis (1-2 months) to artists for creative study and research as part of its commitment to supporting emerging art practitioners from all parts of the country and the world. Situated in South Mumbai, it is within close proximity to the artists district in Colaba and the art fraternity at large. 

We are looking at a diverse group of artists working in the studios to create a lively, supportive and dynamic work environment. We aim to foster the exchange of ideas and experiences amongst artists who work in different fields of art practice. In exchange for their enriching time in our studios, artists are required to grant an artwork either created during their studio practice or from previous collections. These artworks are catalogued and exhibited periodically to generate funds for the sustainability and maintenance of the space. Artists can choose to apply either for the studio practice only, or for studio and accommodation. 

The monthly studio rental costs vary with the size of the studio. The details are as follows:

Studio 1- 200 sq feet: Rs. 25,000

Studio 2- 400 sq feet: Rs. 35,000

Studio 3- 200 sq feet: Rs. 25,000

Studio 5- 400 sq feet: Rs. 45,000 (air conditioned and tiled flooring)

Each room has a ceiling height of 15 feet and comes with a bed and side table. 

Accommodation in the studio costs an additional Rs. 10,000 per month.

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