Art Concierge - Program Details

1,500 artists from 75 countries


Art Concierge is a custom art experience that arranges for creative and constructive conversations between curators or other qualified art professionals and APT artists. It’s a meeting point that’s also the starting point for research projects, exhibition planning, and artistic insight. So often overlooked in today’s virtual world, our exclusive Art Concierge service restores the importance of people, face-to-face or tête-à-tête, and teams up the critics with the creators, and the planners with the makers.


Designed for curators and art professionals who would like to engage in a dialogue with artists and colleagues from other parts of the world, Art Concierge aims to simplify the curator’s research process and provide a lot of invaluable information right from the artist him or herself.

Through the APT Institute website, curators can search APT artist profile pages on the website, updated with their most recent exhibitions and biographies. Search filters allow curators to direct their research by artist’s name, country of residence and nationality.


Curators then submit their request online by clicking ‘Connect to Concierge’ and completing the information forms. Within 2-3 business days, APT Institute Art Concierge staff contacts requesting curators to begin arrangements.


There is no other service like it where curators can research contemporary artists based on nationality, origin and then have a personal introduction to them.


Start your art research today, browse the APT member artist community.